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Vida Jets Affiliate Program

The Vida Jets Affiliate Program allows people from all over the world to be part of the Vida Jets Team. The program is divided into different categories where an individual or a business can participate in multiple categories at a time. The categories aim to bring in more business and brand recognition to both Vida Jets and all the parties involved in the Vida Jets Affiliate Program. Its categories ranges from financial rewards, marketing, events and partnerships.




Partnership Benefits


Financial Rewards

Vida Jets works on a trip by trip basis, arranging the aircraft that best suits the client's needs of transportation, factoring in the number of passengers, distance, comfort, and all other additional requests. Client acquisition is achieved through different channels, but the most succesful is creating a network of team members who bring in leads. Currently, we have a network of members in North America, South America, Middle East and Europe. The financial rewards are earned by every lead brought on by a member. When the lead confirms the flight, the member received a specific amount of monteray reward depending on the type of aircraft the lead/client will fly.



Vida Jets is truly an aviation pioneer in social media. With a follower base of over 100,000 and a social network of over 2 million, Vida Jets has become a leader in the adaptation of new media channels into the private aviation business. The key to achieving this success has been partnering up with businesses that cater the same market that flies private. Social media cross marketing is a powerful tool to achieve brand recognition and ultimately produce more sales. Members of this category share Vida Jets content on their social media, as does Vida Jets. If possible, we invite our members to a private airport to participate in a photoshoot of a jet or multiple jets and bring in other props like sports cars. Our social media is our main channel of marketing, click below to see!




As a pillar of the private aviation community, Vida Jets has participated in multiple events for charity and for brand empowerement. We at Vida Jets believe that giving back is our responsibility not only as a business but also as citizens. Our members will connect us with upcoming events and provide support to these events.



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